Elisabet Franch playing her flute on the cover of her album, Gypsy Airs


Solfa Recordings, 2015

Elisabet Franch, Flute

Josep Buforn, Piano

Works by: Godard, Morlacchi, Sarasate, Lovreglio and Khachaturian

This CD was awarded two Gold Medals (Album and Emerging Artist) at the Global Music Awards (California, 2016) and Best Classical Album at The Akademia Music Awards (Los Angeles, 2016)

Picture of Joan Manén with a purple overlay and list of artist names on Joan Manén Collection album


La Mà de Guido, 2018

Elisabet Franch, Flute

Daniel Blanch, Piano

Helena Satué, Violin

Aida-Carmen Soanea, Viola

Romain Garioud, Cello

José Antonio Domené, Harp

Júlia Farrés- Llongueras, Soprano

Works by Joan Manén

coming soon...


IPA (International Promotion of Art)

September 2020, recording in Vienna

Elisabet Franch, Flute

Albert Guinovart, Piano

Boris Perrenoud, Artistic Producer

Album's release scheduled  in late 2020